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CSWE Full Circle June 2013

Volume 2013, Issue 6

CSWE Partners With SAMHSA to Shine Spotlight on Mental Health

On June 3 the White House hosted a to draw attention to this important topic and to reinforce support for increasing access to effective services. President Obama also used that venue to launch a “National Dialogue on Mental Health” initiative.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) will sponsor a series of events to continue the dialogue and help coordinate and highlight the activities of other groups and associations. CSWE has agreed to be a contributing partner to those efforts.

腾博会网页大厅 During the next month CSWE will highlight what its program member institutions are doing to increase awareness of mental health issues, promote mental and emotional health, and identify local strategies to reduce negative attitudes and help individuals in need access treatment. Descriptions of the activities will be posted on the CSWE website to generate ideas and collaboration between programs, and an update will be reported in the August issue of CSWE Full Circle.

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